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The Blackpool Civic Trust Awards Ceremonies since 2008

Blackpool Civic Trust Awards

Every year we present awards for the Best Building Work and Community Activities in Blackpool.


Please note that our ceremony in March 2020 has been postponed until the restrictions for Covid-19 enable us to re-schedule it.


For information the event was to be Annual Dinner and Awards, Friday 27th March 2020 at the Carousel Hotel, New South Promenade, Blackpool. The awards for achievement in 2019 will be announced.


Please click here for details.




For our latest Awards Ceremony winners please click on the link below...

2018 Award Ceremony held on 12th April 2019 click here


Blackpool Civic Trust Awards and Dinner at the Imperial Hotel 12th April 2019:

Blackpool Civic Trust Awards for 2018 held on 12th April 2019 at the Imperial Hotel



2017 Blackpool Civic Trust Awards

The Civic Trust promotes excellence. It is what we are about. You can get involved by nominating from this month until the end of December places and people for our Annual Awards. Nomination forms are on line using the links below. We encourage you to look around for new buildings, community groups, environmental work at schools and efforts in many more categories.


Blackpool Civic Trust Annual Awards for 2017 and Dinner were held at Viva Blackpool on 27th April 2018


Blackpool Civic Trust Awards for 2017 at Viva Blackpool


Please scroll down the page for the archive and best new building photos from previous years.


At the ceremony we acknowledge those who over the previous 12 months have worked to improve the civic environment of Blackpool. The awards cover Buildings and Environmental programmes and are selected by an independent and qualified panel.

Below are links to the award pages since 2008 and a list of the new build winners.

2018 Award Ceremony held on 12th April 2019 click here

2017 Award Ceremony held on 27th April 2018 click here

2016 Award Ceremony held on 27th April 2017 click here

2015 Award Ceremony held on 26th February 2016 click here

2014 Awards Ceremony held on the 27th February 2015 click here.

2013 Awards Ceremony held on 27th February 2014 click here.

2012 - Click here

2011 - Click here

2010 - Click here

2009 - Click here

2008 - Click here

2016 and 2017 had no New Build Winners.


2015 New Build Winners -

Blackpool & the Fylde College, Advanced Technology Centre:

2014 New Build Winners -

Bickerstaffe House, the new council offices:

Best New Build 2014, Blackpool Civic Trust Awards

2013 New Build joint Winners -

Highfield Humanities College and Blackpool Gateway Acedemy:

Blackpool Civic Trust Awards - Blackpool Humanities College

Blackpool Civic Trust Awards - Blackpool Gateway Academy

2012 New Build Winner - the Oracle:

The Oracle


2011 New Build Winner - Joint award


2010 New Build Winner

2009 New Build Winner

2008 New Build Winner


The two school shields are the Junior School Environmental Shield and the Senior School Environmental Shield. The criteria for judging are, as stated on the form, the Environmental Impact and Evidence of pupil involvement. To nominate a school please use the form below.

Click here for school nomination form in Word

Click here for school nomination form in pdf


The nomination form for the other awards is linked below. The form lists the categories which are: Best New Build, Best New Housing Development, Best Refurbishment, Best Open Space, Best Community Group, Best Shop Front, Best Night Time Economy, Transforming Blackpool, Best New Visitor Attraction.

The criteria are: Overall Quality of design and construction, Aesthetic Appeal, Attention to the history and heritage of the building, Respect for Streetscene or Townscape, Accessibility, Landscaping.

Click here for the nomination form in Word

Click here for the nomination form in pdf

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